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November 01 2011
Posted by dali  [ 13:25 ]
Twin Canons
Lisa Canon is another new girl who's married and yet eager to model. This phenomenon is on the uptick the past few years and one we welcome. The girl-next-door found us (at She blossomed early. "I started growing at a really young age and then they skyrocketed from there. People were like, 'Did you get your boobs done?' And I'd tell them no. Everyone in my family has like C-cups or way smaller. It's weird because my mom has DD boobs, and I have bigger boobs than her." Lisa, the covergirl of XLGirls SCORE Special #218, never thought she would be on the cover of a mens' magazine in stores around the globe. Good going for a country girl from North Carolina who enjoys the outdoors, camping and swimming in a creek. How heavy are those sweet tatas? "I actually had my husband weigh them with his hand, 'cause he's really good with weights. And he was like, 'They're really big. They're more than 10 pounds.' I was like, 'You've got to be kidding me.' So I don't know how much they really weigh. I do know what I like. I like extra attention on my nipples, and I like to have them pulled on, sucked on, licked." Absolutely.
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October 30 2011
Posted by dali  [ 16:24 ]
The Domme In Me
Germany's wildly popular media superstar Annina is everywhere. Nightclub appearances, car shows, TV, radio, magazines, Big Brother star in Germany and the Phillipines, Oktoberfest fests, conventions, fund-raisers, soccer promotions--Annina's in hot and heavy demand and may she continue in her success. When the German comedy movie "Super Troopers" ('Die Super Bullen") needed a hot chick with big ones, they went to her. She even lived on a pig farm for four days for a TV show called "The Animal In Me" and later donated her 5,000 Euros prize for winning to PETA. What a babe. Going against type, Annina tries the fetish look in this SCORE edition and it works. She could be a pretty nasty dominatrix, no doubt, although fucking Annina in her pussy and ass and filling her mouth with nut-splat is a lot more preferable to her beating our butts with a whip! She does do mean facial expressions well and fills out that costume beautifully. Annina's scene with Shane Diesel, her first and only interracial, is part of the DVD Busty Cock Worshippers 2.
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October 28 2011
Posted by dali  [ 16:21 ]
Meet Nancy
Baseball fan and single secretary Nancy Navarro lives in New York City by way of a tiny island off the coast of Venezuela where she spent the first 19 years of her life. Nancy says that Venezuelan girls are not known for their big boobs. So why is her chest so big? Even her sisters don't have big chests. Her mom is half-Dominican so that could be a reason. You know those Dominican girls; they're packing boobage. Nancy doesn't like to wear a bra. She will at work just to keep them restrained. Why no bra? "They're too tight. I can't breathe," says Nancy. So in this first-time pictorial and matching video, a tank-top without a bra will have to do. The funniest pick-up line she's heard yet, and she's heard a lot of them was "You look like my next girlfriend." Nancy wants to try skydiving one day, the number one thing most models say they put on their to-do list. She may need to wear a bra for that. Please meet and greet New Discovery Nancy Navarro.
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October 26 2011
Posted by dali  [ 15:45 ]
Stacked SCORE Girl Stephanie Stalls and her lawyer are meeting to discuss her impending court appearance about her divorce settlement. But there's a problem. She's been cheating and her ex-husband has had her followed by private eye Joey Gecko. Stephanie's lawyer has been given a packet of surveillance photos by her ex's lawyer to show them that their case is about to go into the dumpster. Even Stephanie's low-cut top doesn't interest her lawyer right now. "There's no way the jury is going to believe you now so you can cut the act!" he tells his bosom-rich client. "That asshole!" replies Stephanie, enraged. "He had someone follow me? I should have known. You know he's cheated on me a million times. What the hell was I supposed to do? Now he's got photos of me walking into a hotel with one guy and...." "One guy?" interrupts the lawyer. "One guy? We've got five different men here. One after another and who knows how many others." Stephanie gets even angrier. "Okay, okay! I get the point. So what? Am I not getting anything on this settlement? Can't you tell them I'm a small town girl and he took advantage of me?" "Small town girl?" the lawyer huffs. "Yah! I'm from Kentucky, motherfucky! Just tell them I have a problem. I'm a nymphomaniac and I have an addiction." Sounds believable but the lawyer is not in an accepting mood. However, Stephanie is persistent. "If I don't convince you, you can't convince them!" she tells him, grabbing his briefs and overruling him. "I love sucking cock. I'm a fucking addict. I'm sex crazy and I need it all the time. I'm a fuckin' nympho. I want your cock. Oh yeah, I want this. I want your cock in my pussy. Right now. And you're gonna give it to me." The lawyer takes a deep breath and stops resisting. He lets her approach his hardening bench. "Convince me," he demands. "I can definitely do that," Stephanie says, pulling his stiffie out of his pants. She drops to her knees and begins slobbering over his wood. They adjourn to the couch so Stephanie can throat his pro boner on top of him. Justice must be served big, hot tits and a tight pussy. We hope she won her case. There are eight million stories in the naked city. "I'm A Nympho. Case Closed!" is one of them.
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October 24 2011
Posted by dali  [ 14:41 ]
Tits 'N' Tub
In this "reverse" pictorial similar to one of Natalie Fiore in Holiday '10 and January '11 SCORE, Leanne Crow luxuriates in a tub, then dresses before heading out the door. The British head-turner explained her background in boobs. "I was a very late bloomer. I didn't develop until I was around 16 years old and then it was like they grew overnight. It was crazy because I was flat chested throughout most of my schooling. I remember that I would make excuses not to go swimming with the other girls because I was extremely flat chested and they all had boobs. I actually used to stuff my bra and I couldn't go swimming because it would be like I had boobs and then in a swimsuit, I didn't." Nature waved her magic wand and blessed Leanne. "I always wanted to have big boobs. I used to literally pray every night for them. I would pray over and over that I would get boobs. I am not even kidding. I was desperate for them. I was this flat chested geek. It was crazy. If you saw a picture of me then and one of me now, you wouldn't believe it. I was a stick. I was literally flat as an ironing board. I used to tell my mom all the time that if I didn't have boobs by the time that prom came around, that I was not going. I mean, I always envisioned myself in a long dress with cleavage at my prom. Then, a few months before my prom, I went from nothing to a C-cup. They just sprung out and all of a sudden, I had boobs. They grew almost instantly from a C-cup. They just kept growing and growing and growing. And then I went to get measured and they were like, 'You are an F-cup.' And I was in shock. I was buying C-cup bras and I was an F-cup! I was busting out of my bras, but I thought I was, like, a D-cup. But it was because at that point, I didn't understand cup sizes. I was only around 17 at the time." We love a happy ending at SCORE. Her dreams came true and so did ours.
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April 16 2011
Posted by dali  [ 19:57 ]
Tool Time Tatas
Scarlett Rouge really knows her way around a machine shop. She was turned loose at ours and, let us tell you, Scarlett could own her own hardware store and make a great living. You don't see chicks like this at your local home improvement center. The customers would flock to see Scarlett demonstrate the proper uses of chalking sticks, drills and more. The only problem with that? Scarlett wouldn't have the time to stick out those great tits of hers and open her sexy pussy. Her experience with tools is extensive. "I like to drool and spit all over a guy's balls and then rub and play with them. Squeeze them gently while I suck it. And you have to suck the balls. A lot of girls don't like to do that, but I think it's important to suck on them. You have to incorporate a little bit of everything when you are down there so that you can make a guy feel good. I like it when a guy cums in my mouth. It's, like, what I am working for when I am sucking and stroking it. I want that cum in my mouth and I always get it!" The modern V-Girl sure knows her way around a hammer.
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April 13 2011
Posted by dali  [ 21:26 ]
Beshine's chest measures an amazing 59 inches. Her under-bust is only 32 inches. As far as bra sizes go, her cup size is off the chart so for brevity's sake, a XXX-cup might be the only measurement to use. Her sudden appearance has shaken up the big-bust community, helped by the fact that Beshine really likes to get out there, and show and tell the world about herself. She's a low-key, relaxed woman but seeks out attention and wants to share her breast interests. And why not? Not since the super-sizing of Lolo, Chelsea Charms, Melonie Charm, Kayla Kleevage and Minka has a huge-titted SCORE model produced such a buzz, not to mention all the conflicting controversy. When did Beshine's breast super-fetish begin? "It started six or seven years ago," Beshine said. "Maybe even a little bit earlier, when I really started noticing boobs. And I would see women with huge boobs, and I would think 'You have to do it. You have to get big boobs, too.' So I got bigger and bigger and bigger, and now I am happy. I was really small. In European size, I was an A-cup on one side and a B-cup on the other. I love big boobs, so I wanted to do it. I have never weighed them, but I am sure they are at least 20 pounds each." With such an incredible amount of weight on her chest, Beshine has to keep her muscles toned and strong. "Every day I do cardio and workouts for my back. I use an eliptical machine where you can use your arms and legs, but I only use my legs because my boobs get in the way. I also use a lot of weights and do a lot of situps. A lot of bends where I stretch my back. A short time ago, I found a shop online that has really stretchy sports bras, and amazingly, they fit! It's the first time I found a bra that fit the first time I wore it. I tried it and said, 'Wow, it fits!' I have many sports bras because I go through them very fast. I wear them out or they break." She loves the attention and is a sensation in Germany, her country. "I am really proud of my boobs, and I like when they look at me. Sometimes they are shy and make believe they're not looking. It's okay. I think that is cute." Beshine has inspired a load of comments in SCORELAND and on the SCORELAND BLOG. Some can't handle it, others love it. Either way, Beshine keeps her attitude on the bright side and stays shining.

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April 11 2011
Posted by dali  [ 21:13 ]
Eden Mor
"I was born on June 28, 1984. Well well they began to grow around the age of 13-14, you can imagine how much “trouble” I got from boys in school –I never new my breasts will grow that much? But I should have not been so surprised after all I got the genetic gene from my grandmother.

When I became more mature I had to get costume fitted each and every time I went to purchase a bra and as a matter of fact I STILL DO, they keep growing all the time. I have studied biology in high school and my personal goal in the future is to practice in genetics."
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September 22 2010
Posted by dali  [ 19:59 ]
Renee Ross and Sophia Sutra
Sophia Sutra is a horny (is there any other kind?) 18eighteen covergirl (November '09 18eighteen). A pipsqueak, Sophia is a mere 5'1" weighs 115 pounds and wears a huge 34A bra. She met Renee Ross, who needs no introduction here, and we put the two of them together for the most startling body comparison to date. We've had some memorable ones, especially Kerry Marie and Missy in 2004, but this one could be the ultimate in contrast unless someone comes up with something even more extreme. Renee can easily fling Sophia over her shoulder and handily cart her off. Sophia seemed intrigued with Renee's massive bosom. She could fit her head into one of the cups of Renee's bra. They had fun playing around with each other and later had a toy party on XLGirls.
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September 20 2010
Posted by dali  [ 14:09 ]
Nature's Masterpiece
If Taylor Steele is not a masterpiece of voluptuosity, we don't know who is. Like her Bahama buddy Jenna Valentine, also in this edition of V-Mag, Taylor has a wickedly funny sense of humor. Fun girls with big tits. Can't beat that combination. The fiesty Canadian likes to sing along to rap, rock and hip hop, and likes karaoke nights and going on road trips with her girlfriends. "I always wear a bra because I love how my boobs look in a bra," says Taylor, a girl blessed with 36G ta-tas. "I dress casually when I'm with my friends and like a porn star when I go out on a date. My idea of a perfect evening involves lots of sex in every possible position." It took some time for Taylor to try her hand, and deep cleavage, at a tug-job but she did it in the Bahamas. Like they say, it's better in the Bahamas.
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June 14 2010
Posted by dali  [ 19:19 ]
The Devil Made Me Do It
Satan becomes angry with Claudia-Marie. It seems that her big tits and porn have helped people in their lives all over the world! So instead of killing each other and fighting wars and stealing...they instead follow the path of goodness thanks to CM's giant tits. So Satan gives Claudia-Marie a choice: Fuck him or be dragged straight down to Hell!!! After a brief moment of misunderstanding, the big tit whore has her pussy and tight ass plowed by Satan's evil cock!
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May 12 2010
Posted by dali  [ 08:22 ]
Maid To Be Bossed
Haydee Rodriguez dramatically recreates a situation in today's society that affects everyone. Maids with huge tits not working when they are home alone. Instead, they play with their massive mams and masturbate with Doc Johnson sex toys on couches, beds, countertops and, in general, all over the place. In this reenactment, our Voluptuous hidden camera is set up to document Haydee while she stopped working, removed her maid's uniform and played with her boobs and pussy when she thought the boss was out (probably bra and panty shopping for her). Don't be surprised. It looks like this is happening thousands of times a day around the world, in your town and in your city. Do we have any recommendation or advice for you if you suspect your maid of this behavior? Yes, we do. Don't let her have an orgasm unless you're sure she's using an official Doc Johnson fake cock. And then send her photos to our studio. We could probably use her. And catch Haydee in Sex In The Titties, her first feature movie with Renee Ross, Camelia Davis and a cast of super-hot babes.
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April 28 2010
Posted by dali  [ 16:45 ]
Playin' Hooky
Have you ever personally hired a girl to be a photo-model for you? According to a SCORELAND member poll, only 16% of you have done that yourself. Because why bother? We do it for you. And that's what this pictorial taps into. Setting up a hot photo shoot date with a great babe like Scarlett Rouge. This is Scarlett's second pictorial since her debut in November '09 V-Mag. With the face and bod she has, she's the fast bring-back kind of girl. Scarlett did very little modeling prior to The SCORE Group. When we interviewed Scarlett last time, she said something that shocked everyone. "I don't think that I've ever had a true boob man," she told editor Maria. "Most guys I am with are not that into tits so they don't really cum on them." It seemed hard to comprehend. "Most men are about asses where I am from," explained Scarlett, herself not lacking in a fine behind. It still seems difficult to mentally digest when you stare at those beautiful 38E-cups. All of us would play with them for hours, not to mention all that suckin' we'd do. We're not ass neglectors but T comes before A in our playbook.
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March 31 2010
Posted by dali  [ 17:24 ]
Busty Car Wash Babe
As you know, the girls don't do much car washing during these car wash videos and pictorials. They tend to spend more time soaping down their tits. Such was the case yet again with Isis Haze. Isis was discovered by a SCORE fan and former Boob Cruiser. He was hooterized early in life and knows a pair when he sees them. Christy Marks herself was the one doing the interview honors with mid-western exotic dancer Isis who dances at a club called Silk Exotic in Juneau, Wisconsin. And you know, Christy is a natural talent at interviewing. She asked Isis how she came to be photographed by SCORE. "I dance at a club in Wisconsin, fully nude, and there's a photographer who comes in on our VIP nights, and he said he had the perfect job for me because I have natural breasts, and that's how I came here. I've been dancing for a few years. Always fully nude. I started out like that right away." "Are the guys who come in fond of your boobs?" Christy asked."Very," said Isis. "I know there's lots of posting on the Internet asking when I'm dancing. Their favorite trick is when I lick both my nipples. And then I lay two dollar bills down and pick them up with my titties. Guys definitely like that!" But wait! There's more! Stay tuned for the video of Isis washing this Jeep in SCORE Theater. She's the answer to Detroit's problems, if they would only pay attention.
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March 01 2010
Posted by dali  [ 01:00 ]
Glamour Time
No cock for Holly Halston's asshole this month. SCORE's favorite MILF slut (the sole star of My Wife Your Meat) goes the glam route in a swanky house this month. At first, everyone on SCORELAND is going to wonder why she's not blowing a porn stud. Where's the cock in her ass and pussy? After all, this was the fuck-star asked to train Christy Marks in how to take cock up her ass smoothly and efficiently for max enjoyment. This is the well-toned, hour-glass-figured MILF who's fucked her brains out in many raunchy sex scenes on SCORELAND, SCOREVideos, BigTitHooker and BigBoobsPOV. Who banged other guys besides her husband Troy for the first time for SCORE. But after a few solo pictures in this pictorial, you'll find a new appreciation for Holly. She truly has a smokin' little bod and sometimes that gets overlooked with all the dudes savoring her tight holes and trained mouth. She's in better shape than many 18 year-old girls and we think she'll stay that way for years to come.
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